Feeding the hose for too long Harmful effects on the body or not

tube food or popularly known as blended food It is considered a medical food that is actually used in every hospital. to be used for patients who are unable to eat on their own including those who are unable to swallow food by themselves But the digestive system and the absorption of food within the body are still normal and in good working order. The doctor will then choose a method of feeding via a tube to feed the patient. to prevent patients from developing malnutrition

In this modern era, I must say that mixed food blends Or food through the tube began to have many different formulas. And each formula is made for patients who are different in terms of physical health and existing disease. Which can be bought easily because at present, there are many blended food production services. However, each will have a principle. expertise and different standards

Introducing SN Foods, a company that provides support services in hospitals with international standards. Food work in leading hospitals under world-class standards And is one of the leading manufacturers of blended food for use in hospitals that are extremely reliable. Because through the production model at the international level is a confirmation of the standard.

As mentioned above, many of you may have seen that the blended food or feeding the hose to the patient is a good and useful thing. including very necessary This is considered yes, we do not argue. But did the reader know that in the blended food there are many little things that negatively affect the patient? which many of you may have overlooked

which we have one question to solve the doubts for the reader to have a tooth called asking a lot is to put a rubber hose in the patient for a long time Will it cause any problems for the patient? We would like to explain to you as follows.

tube feeding Wearing a rubber hose in the body for a long time, will there be any disadvantages?

It must be said that an important part of tube feeding for patients What all caregivers already know is the rubber hose, which many of you who care for the patient will focus on the cleanliness of the food and the feeding hose. Including the method of feeding is an important part, but often neglects a big point. Or some of you may not even think about it is to insert a tube into the patient’s body before feeding. or after feeding is good Will there be any side effects or negative effects on the patient? Let’s understand together better.

feeding the patient through the tube The patient will need a rubber tube inserted into the body. Either in the abdominal position or in the nose area, depending on the case and the patient’s necessity primarily.

Which must be said that the caregiver inserting a rubber hose in the patient’s body for a long time Will definitely negatively affect the patient’s body.

which negative effects may occur in various forms, for example, if the feeding hose is slippery It may cause the feeding hose to dislocate from its proper position. If caregivers don’t pay attention to it, the process can create more problems. or if it is a feeding tube through the nose If worn for a long time, often the problem is that it can cause sinusitis in the patient. due to irritation of the inner nasal mucosa In addition, rubber hoses may cause strep throat. If it’s too heavy, it may cause tonsillitis as well. Therefore, I would like to warn you to be very careful not to leave the hose for a long time.

Feeding the patient through the tube is so essential that caregivers need to pay attention to every detail. both in terms of nutrition and food that the patient will receive Including cleanliness in every step, do not be thorough, so that the patient can come back to be healthy again. Because patients, snss.co.th like all of us, want to be healthy. and receive food that is beneficial to the health of the body

SN Food is aware of safety. Therefore, we would like to participate in providing food that is intended in every detail of production as well.

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